Therapeutic Focus

LaTeasha Davis

About the Founder

As a child, LaTeasha experienced the challenges of a speech delay and the struggle her family faced in finding local speech therapy services to help her. Despite searching and being turned away by the limited therapy facilities in their community, her parents eventually discovered a compassionate recent college graduate, a speech therapist who generously offered their assistance free of charge. Thanks to her family's dedication to early intervention therapy, LaTeasha was able to overcome her speech delay. For children like her, access to such vital services was hindered by factors like geographical location, socioeconomic background, and ethnicity.

After completing her college education and becoming a therapist, she began conversing with other families in need of therapy services within the rural Arkansas community. It was then that she realized the persistent existence of the same issue that plagued her and her family back in the 80s, even in the 2000s, continued to plague the community. At that point, LaTeasha decided to stop hoping for a solution and became the solution itself. Thus, Therapeutic Focus was established—a clinic specializing in pediatric occupational, physical, and speech therapy, born out of a deep desire to address the accessibility gap and provide the support that children and families truly need.

About the Company

When was the company founded? 2011
Where is the company located? West Memphis, Arkansas

What is/are your top-selling product or products?

Both speech and occupational therapy services.

What is your top accomplishment in the past year and what are you hoping to improve on with the business within the next year?

This year, I had the privilege of being recognized as one of Arkansas Business Publishing groups, “40 under 40” for the 2023 year! Looking ahead to the coming year, I’m hoping to improve my processes and procedures, which will ultimately enhance my company’s scalability.

What are you most looking forward to joining the SheScales program?

I’m excited about learning from industry experts how to better market and advertise Therapeutic Focus! I know that the knowledge and support that I will receive from the program will be instrumental in taking my marketing and advertising to new heights!

What areas of marketing do you believe you are proficient in and what areas do you think you need more support with?

I don’t believe that I’m proficient in any of the areas. I need more support in creating fun, fresh pediatric content! I would like assistance in creating fun and fresh pediatric content that truly engages my audience. I’m also in need of ideas and guidance on how to creatively advertise to not only my customers but also potential employees.

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