Skye Amundsen & Mallory Mascoli

About the Founder

Skye Amundsen and Mallory Mascoli started hope&plum with a combination of passion and necessity! The babywearing world was limited in terms of size-inclusivity and variety in design and they noticed that many carriers lacked the diversity and flair that parents craved. There was this untapped opportunity to create carriers that celebrated individuality, offered comfort across all sizes, and reflected the vibrant personalities of both the wearer and the little ones being carried. Their company then emerged with a mission to fill that gap by crafting carriers that catered to a broader spectrum of sizes and, importantly, mirrored the unique style and personality of each family. It was about embracing diversity, celebrating uniqueness, and making babywearing an expressive, enjoyable experience for everyone involved!

About the Company

Website: www.hopeandplum.co
When was the company founded? 2018
Where is the company located? Minneapolis, MN

What is/are your top-selling product or products?

Our top-selling product is our new Lark Baby Carrier.

What is your top accomplishment in the past year and what are you hoping to improve on with the business within the next year?

We introduced our fourth style baby carrier and have managed to nearly triple our revenue from 2022. I hope to continue to scale and improve our internal marketing systems and create more structure for a more sustainable strategy.

What are you most looking forward to joining the SheScales program?

Mentorship and guidance with respect to marketing! We are self-taught and I would love to have help building better foundations and systems so I can stop being "reactive" in my approach to marketing.

What areas of marketing do you believe you are proficient in and what areas do you think you need more support with?

Organic social media is our forte. We've mastered the art of storytelling and building genuine connections with our audience through this platform. It allows us to showcase our brand's personality and values authentically.

In terms of paid media and email marketing, we're looking to expand our expertise. We aim to enhance our targeted advertising strategies to reach a broader audience effectively. Additionally, we're working on refining our email marketing approach to better nurture relationships with our subscribers. There's also room for improvement in striking a balance between promoting our products and maintaining an engaging, non-salesy communication style!

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