Connect & Beyond Physical Therapy

Diane Shiffer

About the Founder

Connect & Beyond Physical Therapy was launched following Diane’s many years in physical therapy in a variety of settings. However, she had never started a practice from scratch. She desired to take learnings to create a comfortable, warm, professional setting that fostered a physical therapy practice in a relational manner where patients become lifetime partners. When getting underway, she spoke with colleagues and friends about an appropriate business name. A good friend noticed she continually talked about creating connections - with patients, among the team, with medical practices, and with the community. Diane’s friend suggested “Connect PT - Better Together” and it fit like a glove. Now the business has moved beyond traditional physical therapy and is known as Connect & Beyond Physical Therapy.

About the Company

When was the company founded? 2012
Where is the company located? Tigard, Oregon

What is/are your top-selling product or products?

Outpatient clinical physical therapy care covering all musculoskeletal issues, pelvic health, and balance are at the core of our services.

What is your top accomplishment in the past year and what are you hoping to improve on with the business within the next year?

2023 has been an amazing year for us! We purchased a building in 2022, completed a major remodel, and moved in April 2023. The remodel was designed for our expanded brand of Connect & Beyond with clinical space as well as studio space for teaching.

In 2024, we plan for continued significant growth. Our objective is to build and amplify the reciprocal pathway between the Connect clinic practice and Beyond lifestyle classes and partnerships. To accomplish this objective, we need distinct messaging, product packaging, and promotional development.

Additionally, the move to a new building offers the opportunity to expand our geographic reach for new clients. Our objective is to lean into this expansion with marketing.

What are you most looking forward to joining the SheScales program?

This is an incredible opportunity for Connect and Beyond and we plan to fully embrace the opportunity! Our entire team has a commitment to building out the business vision and the SheScales capabilities offer the chance for our team to live into the vision.

We are very excited to learn how SheScales will help us refine our product offerings and develop a comprehensive plan to get our message out to target clients!

What areas of marketing do you believe you are proficient in and what areas do you think you need more support with?

From the beginning, our growth has been entirely organic, word of mouth based on excellence in care and service. We have built an excellent reputation in our community through involvement in local activities and relationships.

We need to better understand our target client/market and the broader marketing opportunities, including digital marketing. We need a strategic/comprehensive approach to marketing.

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