Ashleigh Wilson and Andrea Arceneaux

About the Founder

AuditMate was founded by Ashleigh Wilson and Andrea Arcenaux out of their fiery passion for people. Their goal is to help and empower their customers.

Ashleigh Wilson was raised in a family of elevator mechanics, inspectors, and business managers. When she entered the industry in her early 20s, she was passionate about leading global change in an industry rich with history and innovation. Over the course of her career working with some of the largest global elevator companies, she realized that often the customer was always an afterthought and saw herself as an advocate.

Andrea Arceneaux started her career in real estate and then moved into the healthcare industry where she found her passion for technology. Before starting AuditMate, she worked at Centene Corporation where she learned to build databases, developed a Robotic Automation process that saved the company millions of dollars and ensured compliance with SB 137, and assisted with implementing payment processes for the Affordable Care Act. She received a Master’s in Business from Palm Beach Atlantic University, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management from McNeese State University, and several certifications from Stanford University (Advanced Project Management, Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies, and currently working on Cyber Security).

About the Company

When was the company founded? September 2019
Where is the company located? New York, NY

What is/are your top-selling product or products?

Contract and Regulatory Evaluation Subscription (CARE), our SaaS elevator maintenance auditing product, and SAFE elevator inspection RFP process.

What is your top accomplishment in the past year and what are you hoping to improve on with the business within the next year?

We tripled our revenue, and we are looking forward to 10x next year.

What are you most looking forward to joining the SheScales program?

We are looking forward to growing and scaling with the support of the SheScales team!

What areas of marketing do you believe you are proficient in and what areas do you think you need more support with?

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