Laura McCann

About the Founder

Laura McCann opened ADORAtherapy to sell aroma perfume directly to her customers. She’s been running the company since 2017 when she became the CEO. In the company’s early years, her role was purely the business side and back-office — handling marketing, manufacturing, sourcing, and finance. In 2019, as the business required more time and money to scale, she switched to more of a frontwoman role in sales and customer service, as she felt her calling was to teach people to love themselves.

McCann is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned consumer product and technology veteran, and founded Fashion Express, a retail and manufacturing buying agency, Zweave, a software and consulting firm for the apparel industry, and WYSWYG, LLC, a digital design agency and consultancy.

About the Company

When was the company founded? 2015
Where is the company located? Asheville NC

What is/are your top-selling product or products?

Our Chakra Boosting Oil collection of seven unique essential oil blends is our best-selling collection.

What is your top accomplishment in the past year and what are you hoping to improve on with the business within the next year?

We just celebrated our 2nd anniversary in our store on 11/11/22. We have done over 2000 aura readings and chakra healings in that time.

What are you most looking forward to joining the SheScales program?

We are so busy with so many marketing initiatives and it’s been a huge demand on my time. I need help and support to hone in on a flywheel strategy that will support growth online.

What areas of marketing do you believe you are proficient in and what areas do you think you need more support with?

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